FEWDR Final Project Web Site


Welcome to my Final Project.

This is my final project for a course from General Assembly.

The course title is Front-End Web Development.

About the course (briefly)

It is a fully-remote course. We meet twice weekly using Slack and Zoom. Much of our work is done using CodePen, with a few assignments in CodeSandbox.

Project Information



For the final project, you'll be designing and building a website of your choice. This project will test your knowledge of front-end web development and ask you to apply everything you've learned in this course. The result will be a website that you can add to your portfolio. You could create: a portfolio website; a marketing website for a startup or business; or a prototype for a simple web-app. Work with your instructor to create project goals that are realistic given the scope and timing of the class


Wireframes outlining the structure of your website

A website composed of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Use HTML to correctly structure the DOM:

Use CSS to style the page: